Laser all the Food?

So, we aren’t really supposed to do food in a Glowforge unless it is a unit we have dedicated specifically for food as there is the concern of contamination/chemicals/etc from previous projects. Is anyone else planning to scrap the “First three” until after having done a few food items?


I know I am. Have several Items in mind…toast, steak, bologna, reese’s PB Cups, Spam… I have a list somewhere. That first engrave/cut of a steak with a really good beer.

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I was thinking of cutting the Founders ruler from chocolate.


I’m sure Glowforge can’t really approve of this nor can they encourage people discussing how to do this on the forum. Nevertheless after a good cleaning and a complete scrub of the honeycomb? Can’t be too bad. But ash particles that may become trapped on the air assist fan or under the gantry could get blown in. I just haven’t put anything particularly nasty in the Glowforge at least nothing worse than when I barbecue. I don’t know enough about contamination from airborne nor decomp of acrylic and stuff to make a good decision. But I’m the guy using his oven to slump form acrylic bowls.

However, it was Dan who made the pancakes on TV. And most important: did Henry eat the guacamole?


There ya go!!

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thats generally my belief on the matter. food in the laser is generally more of a novelty than anything but occasionally you can get a good product.

something to keep in mind, even the lowest power may ultimately be too much for most food. we (well i dunno about the rest of y’all but i don’t) don’t eat wood or acrylic, so the carbonization is not a problem. on food it’s vile and renders most laser-cut items inedible.

things often work best if you pick foods where a little bitter overcooking isn’t too bad, like sugar. sprinkle sugar all over your chocolate bar, then lightly engrave. carefully pick it up and pour the uncaramelized sugar back into a bowl. hard candies / :lollipop:, words on crackers, etc.


Maybe defocusing it a bit will help.

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sure, i’m sure you can do some nicer engraves that way. though for the most part that’s still an obscene amount of energy to focus on the top of your supper :smiley:

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I didn’t scrap the first three, but I still plan on etching some food. I only have a few foods in mind. Like I figure there’s a setting that would work to “erase” the Hershey’s logo from a Hershey Bar. And then probably a setting that would work to etch something new onto it. Not saying I’ll eat it, but… yeah I’ll probably eat it. :wink:


Probably. After reading all the material tests for harmful chemicals, I’m pretty sure my vapor/particle paranoia will keep me from doing any food after my first non food cut.

along with my family…


“Scrapping” may have been bad verbiage. My intention is not to ignore doing them at all. It is to not do them quite first.

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No, I knew what you meant. I’m just saying that I have cut and etched woods and acrylics so far, yet I will still attempt food at some point. Certainly I’ll clean as much as possible if I intend to eat it, but I assure you it’s going to happen. :slight_smile:

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This. What I plan on doing - novelty.

If you’re really worried about it take a parasitology class. It’s the equivalent of, if your foot hurts hit your hand with a sledgehammer.


I ate the banana & chocolate from my banana split :grinning:


This made me think of hot dogs. Kind of like @marmak3261’s pencils, one could personalize everyone’s hot dogs at a party :slight_smile: Maybe you could engrave a ruler on the hotdog to measure who can take the largest bite? Or video it in order to calculate the rate at which one eats a hot dog?!

Oh the possibilities!!!

Or a cob of corn? Can you focus it long enough on a kernel for it to pop?! Hmm…


Is pop corn the same as regular maze?

There is a YouTube video of pop corn being lasered.

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Just going to blurt out this random thought here…

How odd… I was just wondering that yesterday.
If only I believed in coincidence…

We are growing maze at the moment, so if I get my GF before harvest time I could test it.

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I couldn’t resist. I looked it up…
Apparently corn and maize are the same thing. (At least as defined by US & Canada.)