Laser Aluminum Engraving

Has anyone engraved on LZR ALUM .020 metal before?
I have used it at 75 and 60 watt power and it does not look good.
I am open to suggestions

GF cannot engrave metal. Find some anodized or painted metal and you can burn the anodization/paint off.

Based on the spelling I believe the OP is referring to one of the materials sold by sign/engraving/awards suppliers like Johnson Plastics.

@nynfl1174 does it look like anodized aluminum? If so, there are a lot of anodized aluminum threads in Beyond the Manual.

It is sold by BF and its Laser*it engraveable, LA-05

Not a wordy supplier by any means in their material descriptions. They have a category for anodized aluminum, so I’m guessing it’s some sort of paint/powdercoat. You can search for settings for people who laser paint off of metal or hope someone sees this and has it figured out. I’ve only lased acrylic paint off of wood.

If what you have tried hasn’t worked just keep using more power and/or slower speeds until you find something that works. On a piece of scrap, or in a test area of course.

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