Laser Carved Card Stock to Lift Spirits

My mom had some swelling in her foot and needed to have it checked out. After they got home from the hospital yesterday, my family went to visit her.

It was the perfect opportunity to print up a quick get well card and take her a milkshake.
This is a quick design I grabbed from and added a custom message:

The card stock is a pack of “old world” paper we got from Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap, and it does a nice job with this type of thing, since it has a white core/back. Once you engrave through the very front, it reveals a different color. I was even able to obtain a slightly darker color on the design at the top of the card than the writing below, just by doing 1 pass on the written message and 2 passes on the design.

And this was another quick card stock experiment with a different card from the same pack. I just engraved my logo:


Oh that’s nice! :grinning:


Very neat effect!


I was about to ask if you used gold foil on the first one. Love the look of that paper.


Love this ~ thanks for sharing!

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Nice! Love your logo also!

It did come out looking kind of gold. I wonder if the white paper just took on that much char after two passes. I like how it looked. The purple one really showed up well, since it was so dark. It was harder to see on the other one that was more marbled looking.


Thank you very much! I worked with a graphic designer friend to come up with that. I really like what he came up with.

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I searched hobbylobby and could not find the second paper (engraved with bruce ulrich). This would be perfect for a project I’m working on. Do you still have the link by any chance?

They might not carry it any longer. This pack is one that we’ve had for years. It is in there with all of their card stock packs.

What are the settings to engrave on cardstock?

I think you’ll find settings in Beyond the Manual, here.

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Thank you kindly!!!

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