Laser Cooked Bacon (with video!)

@dan here’s another request for the feature bucket :smile:

As a side note, for anyone thinking about food in the laser:

The guy who lead the team building my laser cutter decided the other day that his pizza was not properly cut, and that he could do a better job with lasers. So he brought in a slice to cut with the laser.

60W laser cutter at full power and fairly low speed wasn’t quite able to penetrate the last layer of the crust, but essentially did cut the whole thing.

The smell was TERRIBLE, and the smell was concentrated and deposited on the pizza around the crust. He said it tasted terrible, essentially it turned the ablated material into tar, then deposited that on the nearby pizza.

So… absolutely never work in full power. If you cannot cut the food at very low power (thin sheets like Nori, or possibly chocolate), it is likely not worth trying.

At the least, always be prepared to throw away anything you put in the cutter for the first time.