Laser cotton tshirt

I saw a video of someone using the Glowforge to laser T-shirt’s. Does anyone know or can guess the settings for this?

I don’t know the answer but if you do a forum search for “t-shirt” or “cotton settings” I’ll bet somebody has done it.

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I’ve seen some denim work but nothing as lightweight as a Tee. You could likely cut it, but I don’t think it would hold up well to engraving.

Start with lowest power, highest speeds, low LPI and run a few tests. You’ll probably need to use something like a Seklema mat to hold the material perfectly flat too.


Thanks. I tested paper, so I will do the same with the material. Apparently white will wash out but color stays and it did not ruin the tee. Thanks for answers.


I’ve done some. I used 500/49

Getting the T perfectly lined up in the GF was a pain - they are much bigger than the GF platform!

So spend some time getting the folds out.

Also, I wish I had put a marker on the T that showed the centreline. Sometimes I was off-centre, sometimes I was at an angle. If I’d just run a tape straight down the middle that would have gone so much better!!

I did 4, there is a little scorching where it cuts, I did this to black t-shirts to hide it. I suppose I would say it ends up not quite as “finished” as you might like.

Someone was laser cutting some canvas (a fishing reel patent for his dad), that should be similar settings.

@sqw, for the layout, you could cut out two squares/rectangles from a larger piece of wood, one a little smaller than the other, to create a frame. Load the shirt over the smaller and press the larger onto the opening to create a stretcher. If you have Snapmarks, alignment would be extremely simple.

Similar concept here.

+1 bonus for the fun domain name.


Yes, absolutely with a frame if they needed precision. take the tray out and get everything sorted.

I use needlepoint hoops for a frame.


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