Laser-cut acrylic bending jig



Oh, the possibilities…

Any testing or input yet on bending acrylic?

Oh, I like this! I’ve seen acrylic bending jigs, but this is the first one I’ve seen that’s laser cut. I like that! I would probably add degree marks on the sides!


Great idea and should be a piece of cake to add to the cut file.


It really would be!


Can’t stop seeing uses for polymagnets. That wing-nut is just soooo 20th century.


That is simple genius!

@bridget I love magnets as much as the next [insert whatever loves magnets a lot here}, but for the ability to withstand shear in that design a wingnut is the better choice. A set of magnets strong enough to hold against you pushing on the acrylic (even when soft) is going to suck up every tool on your workbench!


Damn you and your advanced understanding, I hate you.
NO, I love you!
NO, I hate you!
NO, I lo…


That is cool. Now somebody design one with variable radius as well :slight_smile:


I would want to have the wingnut/locking component be another rod straight through. Sure, it means you have to loosen/tighten on both sides, but it also means you can afford to apply force. Sure, you should not need to force acrylic to bend along the heated seam… but I always do ><


Noob question, what is it used for? :slight_smile:


Angle-control when using heat to bend acylic


All I see is a book holder for the bath.


@pomwah I was thinking along those lines with regard to @bridget’s comment about magnets. As others mentioned, not strong enough for a jig, but design could be used as an adjustable book/tablet stand.