Laser Cut AT-AT



I remember in one video, Dan mentioned that your available tools make you see jobs differently: when you have a 3D Printer, everything should be 3D printed and when you have a Laser Cutter, everything needs to be cut.

I was reminded of this when looking at the 3D printed AT-AT linked above. Most of the internals should be cut from flat sheets - a clear Glowforge job!

Nowhere near as creative as many of the posts in this section, but I definitely want a Glowforge cut AT-AT!


It’s on my list too!


Personally, I want to make the AT-AT rocking horse, like on this page:

Although my kids are starting to get too old for a rocking horse.


Which means just getting old enough for AT-ATs! It is a win either way :smiley:


You don’t have to make it for your kids. You are fully allowed an adult size rocking AT-AT.


Well I do need a new computer chair :wink:


True. In that case, I’m glad I got the pro model, so I can make the longer cuts that this will necessitate.


I made my wife an Adult sized Sit-n-Spin for Christmas on year.

Flips people out when they come over.