Laser Cut Business Cards from Maker

Useful article and video tutorial (based on Adobe Illustrator) on producing a laser cut business card.

Potential inspiration to produce your own versions…


Thanks! That’s one project I have already designed and have waiting to go when my Glowforge arrives. But I still appreciate seeing what others are doing with laser cut business cards.

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Not as cheap as Vista print, but probably more impressive.


I cut mine out of wood, but paper might be even cooler.


I had a student come into the shop and make some business cards on our 40W CO2 laser out of “Canford Card”. Here is what it looked like on white (see upper left corner of the engraving). The sticker obviously came from the black colored card she had. It doesn’t look impressive here, but I remember it looked cool which is why I took a picture of it (along with the settings) and knew where it was after 2 years!

To decipher the handwriting:
Rastering: Speed was 50% and Power was 53%
Vector: Speed 40%, Power 30%, Frequency 2500 (I forget the units)


I do like the sampling of how that engraved. Think I’ll have to try to locate some “Canford Card” to play around with. :smile:


Back when I was a graphic designer I made a card for a Laser Marking company. On the back side of the card we printed the whole a solid fill of red ink. Then at tradeshows he would laser contact info or messages as a demo on site. It was real impressive to see it at the time. The laser would take off the ink and leave the paper untouched.


I know this has been posted before:


I’m so doing that