Laser cut business cards + the trials and tribulations



I found a box of wood veneer I had from a project a few years back and decided to make some business cards with them. Although I do not have a ton of laser cutter experience it seemed like it would be a pretty easy project. I had my file ready and headed to my makerspace.

I was totally wrong. I got to the makerspace at my reserved time but they were doing a safety training course so my time got pushed back an hour (this would not happen with my glowforge :joy:)

Once I was able to start using the laser cutter I imported my files… it ended up taking an hour to set the file up correctly in the software and unfortunately no matter the settings I could not get the laser to pick up all the thin details of the calligraphy.

Regardless, I cut a few of them before the makerspace closed for the night. The whole time I could not stop thinking the glowforge could eliminate the majority of the frustrations I had while trying to cut these. I will try these again when my glowforge gets delivered and I am really looking forward to posting a comparison of my experiences!


I can see where the laser you used didn’t do your calligraphy full justice, but those cards still look very nice! I can’t wait to see what you produce with your own laser.


It’s art…as opposed to chicken scratches (mine). They look fantastic. :relaxed:


You should see her Instagram account! Gorgeous calligraphy as well as watercolor.


Beautiful! And I love them each in their own little envelopes too :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing! They look good but I do see where there is room for improvement with a better laser cutter. Can’t wait to see how they look coming out of your Glowforge. I’m expecting custom laser engraved/cut business cards to be part of the business model for my Glowforge to earn its keep.


Wow, great work!


Nice job. I feel for you with the Makerspace. When you’ve got one at home it’s so much easier to work through learning issues.

When it’s home & in the basement it’s even easier :slightly_smiling_face: Before the GF PRU I had to hunker down in the garage with a portable heater going. Now I’m all comfy and close to where we keep the snacks :grinning:


Thank you! Me either :wink:


Thank you! I love these envelopes too! They are so cute


@johnwills great idea! laser cut business cards are awesome!

@jamesdhatch my makerspace is 45 minutes away so I don’t get there that often, and when I do I’m restricted to 2 hours of use. It is going to be so much better when I have a laser in my office!

@cynd11 thank you, your so sweet!

@joe thank you!


I always enjoy when you share your work, and cannot wait to see what you’ll do with your Glowforge!

FWIW, I have similar challenges w/my “local” makerspace. They’re wonderful - but not close or convenient, so scheduling is far more challenging than it should be. All that to say that I feel your trials and tribulations - hopefully, they’ll be behind you very soon :slight_smile:


Mine is near the office but a half hour from the house. I can use anything 24x7 but that means sometimes I look up and it’s 2am and I still have to drive home. We have everything there and I’ve been adding to what’s available. Everything new coming into the house has to have something else leave :slightly_smiling_face: so some of my little used tools are ending up in the Makerspace. If I need a Mig welder I can still use it but now it’s taking up room in someone else’s space and other folks can use it when I don’t need to (about 99.99% of the time since I’m a very infrequent welder).

The laser is good to have at home and I’m finding even better when it’s inside vs the garage :slightly_smiling_face:


@Drea thank you! It’s really cool being able to see everyones skill sets and how they plan to use the same tool to do such different things!

@jamesdhatch if I could be at my makerspace 24/7 I would probably never leave :joy:


I use wood veneer business cards too, but use an ink stamp for the info at the moment, can’t wait to give this a try when I get my Glowforge! They look great! :heart_eyes: :+1:


This is a great project idea and yes, cannot wait for GF delivery to carry out this and so many other ideas. Love the idea of business cards cut on the GF. Yes, i agree, something was lost in the total effort, but they still look pretty darn good.


That’s so fantastic! What laser were you using at the maker space, out of curiosity?


Thank you! I believe it is a 60w redsail


Thanks! I can’t wait to get you your Glowforge - I think you’ll be really happy with the results you get. :slight_smile:


Me too, on both counts! :grin: