Laser Cut Business Cards

I’m looking forward to making some business cards with my Glowforge… sure, making nice paper ones is an option, and the laser can substitute die cutting… However… Why limit myself to paper when I can engrave and burn wooden cards!,104,53208,32820


Nice to have the source for the substrate. Flatpack business card Here’s a link to cross reference the thread from a while ago.
Flatpack business card

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Oh nice! Love LeeValley. :slight_smile:

We can make our business cards for the hospital out of wood or heavy paper. That would be awesome. In fact, we could leave them with our friends at the nursing home or at the hospital.

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Wooden business cards is going to be one of my first projects. Years ago, I made some wooden business cards by printing in reverse on a laser printer and then transferring the toner onto the wood with a flat tip on a wood burning pen. They held up well but would look better and take less manual effort to laser engrave.

why stop at paper why not use sheet metal… i know that is one of the things i am looking forward to… because lets be honest that would be freaking amazing

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If you got stainless steel, aluminum or titanium that was stamped to size you could etch business cards, but it would probably be pretty expensive, and not very convenient to source.

If you’re interested in metal business cards, look into photo chemical etching. As cost effective as you can make them and it looks great.

Still thinking of business cards. I was looking at moiré patterns and how to generate the layers and cut with laser. I would attribute this image example if I knew source.

Here’s a practical example with explanations and a Processing script to do the coded letter substrate and lined overlay.

Also I’d nominate Karl D.D. Willis as a perfect candidate for a beta Glowforge. He’s got some chops.


These are fantastic, @marmak3261. Thanks for posting!

very neat. I would hesitate to do this with my own business cards, because if someone loses the decoder sheet, the info is illegible. But maybe for a secret web address/QR code on one side while the other side is normal. Or using different colors so that a business name and number stay visible but another image can be made to pop out when viewed through the decoder sheet?