Laser cut cards

Just got this in my Publishers Clearing House mailer…pretty cheap at a set of 20 for $11.96 :unamused:
I think you could probably charge more for custom ones though


Those are pretty nice. I think the challenge going forward, with 10000+ new lasers entering the fray, will be to create something unique that is not too obviously laser cut. Or at least adds something special that is not dependent on the laser alone.


Yep agree. Coming up with something stand alone will be tricky unless you are just in the right niche…but to enhance existing work (e.g. Bob the knife guy - can’t wait to see what he comes up with for new yemplates/patterns etc), it opens amazing possibilities.


Yeah, custom will be a good premium item to do.


Jeez. That’s even significantly cheaper than normal cards – maybe they’re made out of very light weight paper? On top of making custom designs for a premium, I bet you could also charge significantly more for, like, wedding invitations on nice weight paper, larger sizes, maybe nonstandard folds, etc. Maybe graduation announcements, too?


It’s like any art - for the right quality and occasion, people will pay. The people buying 20 for $12 shouldn’t even be part of most designers target market. Outside of major production lines using cheap material and cheap labor, no one can make money at those rates. Leave that market to them.


Absolutly… I made my son in laws graduation cards will have to find them and post a picture


I would bet dollars to donuts they’re using a die cutter. Lasers just sound cool. :wink:


Howse about this?


I was thinking the same exact thing. That’s the sucky part of being on the consumer end, instead of on the cutting edge (no pun intended)…by the time we have the tools to make cool stuff, many other people do, too.



Is that lace? That’s so cool. I remember watching a video on traditional… lace-making-techniques (it had a word, which I forget) and it was really interesting. It’s was cool to see old techniques, that I was completely unaware of, being used in new ways.

Edit: Tatting! One old-timey-lace-making-technique is called tatting.

Edit the second: Nope, I just realized her back is much darker. Maybe it’s embroidery stuff on sheer material?


I think the type of lace shown in that photo is called Needle lace (try a Google search). As opposed to Torchon, Honiton, Battenberg, or any of dozens of other lace types!


@cynd11 obviously knows her laces…lol I know the ones I tie my shoes with. :wink:


I tie my laces by making two loops and knotting them together like a heathen. Lol. Fancy lace-making is probably not for me…


Is that a regional or sex-linked chromosome thing? My wife does it that way but I always do the single loop that has the free end wrapped around before tucking in and pulling the second loop. I can’t wrap my head around the two loop way and she can’t seem to get doing it the single loop at a time way.

Seems like all the guys at the gym do the one loop at a time way too and since I don’t get to spend much time in the ladies dressing room not sure how that goes but seem to think that I only see two loopers by women - although that might just be confirmation bias in my observations.


I do the one loop wrap thing too so its not a sexist thing…I dont think…lol
My son does his really different…his autism makes him a bit uncoordinated. Still refused to tie his shoes up until he was 9…so we found this way
and ever since he saw it…this is how he ties his shoes…its super fast too!!


I think the knotting two loops thing is actually pretty uncommon. My sister, who is only 18 months older than me, taught herself to tie her own shoes and then taught me when we were really little. At some point, someone taught her the right way to tie shoes, with the one-loop-around-the-bunny-tree thing that almost everyone seems to do, but she failed to pass this vital information on to me.

I didn’t even know I don’t tie my shoes like ‘normal’ until 7th grade. I’m very fast at my remedial shoe-tying method, so it’s not very obvious unless you really pay attention. But, like your wife, I cannot seem to grasp the typical way. I think it’s probably a muscle memory thing – the way I’m used to is just much faster and easier for me.


I don’t know about regional or chromosome things, but this old, fat guy wears slip ons or uses these. :sweat_smile:


Totally. I agree

I think it is lasered t-shirt…I could be wrong though…(that has happened before…don’t tell anyone)

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