Laser cut collectible playing cards

This is a project from a few years ago that I had done with the US Playing Card Company. At the time, no one in their right mind would laser cut a design into a playing card box, but I figured it would be fun. Only recently, about 3 years after this project, have a couple other people started experimenting with similar techniques.

This deck still holds the record at USPCC for the most expensive deck ever made (my cost, due to the low run and laser cutting was nearly $30/each). Not too many people are serious enough to pay nearly $200 for a deck of cards, but amazingly it does happen. :smile:


What deck is that? I have quite a collection but yours is not ringing any bells. Please advise.

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I’ve been around a while. :wink: Check out for all the stuff I’ve done over the years. I can’t wait to get this Glowforge cranked up to do some more really interesting things.

I didn’t mean that as a dig … hope it didn’t come across that way. I would have been all over that deck if I had seen it :slight_smile: If you happen to stumble upon one in your private reserve I’d love to help you get rid of it :smile:

Err… didn’t realize that I could click on your profile. I know exactly who you are now :wink: So does my wallet!

Amazing! I can’t wait to see what you can do with that.

Thanks Dan! I’ve got thousands of fans around the world who totally hanker for special stuff like this, but I’ve always been limited due to the cost and ridiculous lead times. I really want to get a Glowforge cranking up soon to start making special things on my own.

Here’s a couple other things I’ve designed in the past.


One of your white gold decks is tempting me…

@joker - I’m looking for a company that makes poker chips, do you know someone?

I hope you can find one @robstach2 ! Those are definitely getting hard to come by. At the time I made those the custom diecuts and pearl papers were quite unique.

That’s the problem… I found one :smile:Steep price tag but it wouldn’t be my first expensive deck!