Laser Cut craft paint lazy susan and spray can holders

Not 100% sure if this is the right category. We’ve been away for a while. JUST got the GF set back up in the new home and workshop.

What I’m looking for is a paint rack, lazy susan style preferably, for small craft bottles of acrylic paints. Mainly Army Painter brand. (.6oz/18ml)

I COULD design something, but I am looking for something ready made to help me organize my disorganized mess. Doing that really isn’t leaving me time to design, lol. I do have several 3D printable ones, but they take about a day each to complete. As mentioned above, I’m kinda in a hurry. :wink:

Another thing would be holders for your standard spray paint cans. The 11oz Krylon/Rustoleum type. This I would like to mount on the wall near my bench or in the paint shed out back. Again, I have some 3D print designs, but cutting them on the GF and using some screws, nails or glue would help us organize things quicker and get us back to designing, making and crafting.

Our poor GF has been sitting all by its lonesome for about 6 months now. I JUST completed a test cut/engrave. Came out pretty nice, albeit a bit darker than I would have liked. Gotta relearn and practice my settings. The machine was beautifully quiet thanks to the external exhaust. The camera was as crappy as ever, lol. Really the only feature I’ve always been disappointed with. Otherwise, even though our GF was an impulse purchase, the machine has been great and support has helped us amazingly with the two issues we’ve run into.

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Check out this section and there is a great chance you will find what you’re looking for.


Awesome!! Thank you, there are quite a few designs I could use or adapt for my needs.

I just did a search for “paint rack” and a lot of good possibilities came up. Certainly more than what I got using the Catalog or even google. Google was more, “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” on their search return. :frowning:


Google responded well to “rotating paint rack” and yielded this one:

SANFURNEY 3-Tier Spinning Paint Organizer Rack for 48 Bottles, Rotating Tower Craft Paint Storage Holder Stand, Compatible with Citadel Paints


And many more.

As for “wall mount spray paint rack” there are lots of options, here’s one:

24 Can Spray Paint or Lube Can Wall Mount Storage Holder Rack

They seem more expensive, like $50 plus but they’re also made of significantly stronger materials than we can laser — which makes sense, paint cans are fairly heavy. Trying to duplicate one of these designs with the laser in a way that’s as well-built would take a good while and cost quite a bit in materials.

If I were in your shoes … Since time is a limiting factor here I’d probably buy both things. The spinning rack is a complex build because of the spin mechanism, and the spray rack would take multiple layers to do it right, meaning lots of glue and design time. Factoring in time and material costs both of these items seem like fair deals, if not bargains.


There is also this…

Designed originally for 0.186"plywood and 1" bottles. I also designed it so that central support could be added for multiple levels.

Also there is this…

That a Lazy Susan bottom could be added

And this…

That, like the oil display rack, the lazy susan part might not be needed.

And even this could do the job…


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