Laser Cut Design and Process tutorials

A couple of people have asked me to post something about the process I use to create laser-cut designs. I’m not sure if this is the right place or not, but I figured I should post it anyways. I found some time on the weekend, and put together some video tutorials. You can find them on my youtube channel:

NOTE that these are not using the GF, since I don’t have one yet. Once I have a GF, I’ll make some new videos and tutorials specifically for that.


Pretty cool. Would definitely watch more.
Two suggestions that I would find helpful. Most of the videos are so short, especially the Sketchup part, could be made into one video.
The other thing is when you were assembling the box the auto-focus was going nuts trying to focus as you moved bits around. Since it is a stationary spot you could turn off the auto focus and set it to default range.

I am a fairly decent video editor. If you need some help I’d be happy to assist. Nice work!!!

Yes, this is definitely the right place to put them. :wink:

Thanks for doing these videos! I always love to see other peoples process as mine is an amalgamation of working with CAD softward in an architectural model office and various bits of info from laser owning friends / ex college lecturers.

Subscribed to channel, look forward to any other vids you may do =)

Thank you @polarbrainfreeze for sharing this. I haven’t used Sketchup much. This was a great tutorial.

This is fantastic! Thanks for doing these!

@polarbrainfreeze Maybe you can jump in on this topic – How to Book

Thanks @polarbrainfreeze, really enjoyed the videos and learned some good sketchup tips.

I am completely new at not only working with a laser but also using the software. I just wish to say thank you VERY much for the great You Tube tutorials. I learned more from watching you design that box than I have learned by watching the actual tutorial for Sketchup. I have to admit though, once you exported into Inkscape I became pretty lost. Even so, I think now I can give a try again at designing in Sketchup. I do have a question though…not so much about your tutorial but about Sketchup…why do I not have the extensive tool set as shown on ALL tutorials I’ve ever seen? My tool set goes only across the top and not down the side. It’s the free version 16.0…

Thanks again

Under “Window” there are a bunch of toolbars you can turn on. You can also find a bunch of plugins that can be useful. Plugins aren’t hard, by the way, but don’t start out looking for them - they’re more of an advanced tool once you get rolling.

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Thank you so much. I found them. I wasn’t looking hard enough. :blush: