Laser cut fun foam and fleece



My son wanted to be Toon Link for halloween so I laser cut the pieces for his shield out of fun foam. Nice crisp cut. I also did the tree ornaments for our xmas tree a few years back. The hat pattern pieces were also laser cut from fleece material.

Need some EVA foam?

Love the shield.


Craft Foam is ok to laser cut? I thought I read somewhere that it was not on the safe list…I could be wrong, though, and it would be totally awesome if I am wrong…


There are different types of foam…but this stuff is ok on the laser…
Even Epilog lasers says its safe…lol


What’s the brand name for this foam? Do you have a link? Thanks!


Its just EVA foam from the craft stores like Michaels Crafts…heres a link to some at Hobbylobby


These are awesome. I especially like the hylian shield. Im gonna be cutting a LOT of EVA when I get mine. You can get the big thick workout mats from harbor freight for around $7 for a 4 tile pack.

The one thing Im wondering about is how rounded the edges will get in the glowforge and if it will be tweakable to allow for you to do both. Did you try any of the thicker foam when you were cutting? If so did it round the edges at all from heat shrink?


The thickest I used was around 1/4" It doesn’t really round the edges but they come out more of an angle…the top shrinked a bit more than the bottom so its beveled…on the thinner piece its not really noticable…not sure about thicker pieces.


That is mostest awesomest!


Love it! Lucky kid!


Looks great!! I’m loving all the projects about awesome laser cuttin’ parents making cool stuff for their kids- for now I’ll just have to stick with sending random things to my younger sister while she’s at college :laughing:


That looks great. I am sure my daughter will enjoy having me make her all sorts of things like this.


On a side note to this, you can use fun foam to make custom stamps for projects… so you can laser cut a pic and use it as a stamp on a scrapbook project :slightly_smiling:


My wife would love that. Good to know.


Great work ! do you have the printing settings for the foam you cut? Power level speed etc?


I did this on my Universal laser. Glowforge settings are different…there are others who have done this on the GF that would have the settings. Search feature will give you some…:grinning:


yes, EVA foam is fine to cut on a GF