Laser cut Gym T-Shirt



I’m still awaiting my shipping email but I’ve been working with a laser at a local maker’s space until I get my GlowForge.

I saw this tutorial:
on laser cutting a t-shirt and I had to try it! So I found a cheap shirt I didn’t mind ruining and got to designing.

I love how it turned out! (Also note; This is the back of the shirt. No free shows lol) I can’t wait to make more!


This is great! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


I have too many ideas! I try to keep track of them but I’m all over the place.


Cool! Could make for some really funny tan lines.


Very cool! :grinning:


How fun, I can’t wait! What was the fabric you used?


Just a normal plain t-Shirt from target.


The Instructable included this advice…

We found that a 5% polyester/95% cotton blend worked best. The polyester seems to melt at the edges of the cuts, sealing them against fraying. Cotton works as well, but care has to be taken not to fray the edges of the cuts.


Very neat! Not something that I would have thought of doing but it’s now on the list!


could potentially lend itself to some layering options with clothing.


Yes!! That would be so cool!


I’ve also lasered regular quilting fabric and layered it with organiza fabric, quilted it together to make a pillow. It came out really cute!



Post them all here! It’s a great way to keep track. :wink:


Super-cool technique–I’ve been dreaming about ways to layer lasered fabric without the enormous time commitment of traditional quilting. This is one I’ll definitely try.


Love it! What settings did you use?


The OP was done on a maker space laser, so settings wouldn’t translate well. I’ve seen some fabric stuff in Beyond the Manual, but not a lot. There have been a fair number of settings for felt, including polyester “felt” so searching for felt may be the best place to start.