Laser-cut hair accessories!


This weekend, I attended a swanky gala for a nonprofit that I love and decided to accessorize with a fun hair piece (see below!). You wouldn’t believe how many complements I got, and how many double-takes people did when I mentioned that I “made them with a laser - a Glowforge to be precise.” Many many thanks to @Shell for the beautiful designs.


These types of things are what my Wife is most excited about. They look Awesome!


Very nice!
Thank you for sharing your work, you too @Shell!


Very Nice! Love to see examples actually cut on a Glowforge!


Love those! Fabulous design!:smiley:


That’s great! My wife would love it. I designed something along that line for my wife years ago and planned to make it with a wood burning pen and a jigsaw but never did. It’s been on my project list for my Glowforge since I first placed my order.


What do you call the things that are leather and a stick for long hair? Well, I have some ideas for geek women that I need to flesh out.


They usually are just called ponytail barrettes I believe ( 3 sisters)


That is exciting to see…just one more great idea! Thank you for sharing




Yeah, I was overthinking.


My first thought was “… a cow impaled on a branch…” but that just seemed too wrong…


@mstruve Are those just attached like barrettes? ( the "hardware/clip"glued on the back?)


Yep! They’re just glued on to bobby pins.


Beautiful !


Soooo cool! Next make some wings! And Butterflies…


Here you go.


Dang it! Those are great! (Was working on a butterfly…now I’m not going to bother.):neutral_face:


How lovely! That’s just the kind of small item I’m excited about making.


Ooh, it would be cool to take some old zoological drawings that are out of copyright and use those to make jewelry!