Laser Cut Hammer


Just saw this on cartonus, check it out.


Now I’m going to have to find some 1/8 ash and try this out.


What’s that old saying? When you have a laser, everything looks like a hammer.


So, why is this called a hammer and almost every other device with a wooden or non-metallic head is called a mallet? Is it size? The world of tools is a never-ending journey to enlightenment.

I’d add leather to the face of the head to keep from marring the materials. Very useful though.

Beautiful and totally 9 on the my post rating scale. Definitely bookmarked. Won’t quite drop everything to make it now though. That would be a 10.


Sloppy English. It is a mallet.


The author has an interesting sense of humor. :wink:


Oh man! :laughing:


Wow, cool! I watched the video of the box assembly using the small mallet. It was so interesting to see the sped up video of the little mallet tap-tap-tapping the pieces in place.


Oh yeah… Spent the weekend putting together tabbed boxes, wishing the entire time I had a wooden mallet. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol I don’t know why but that’s my favorite part of the videos, the tapity tappity taps… lol I’ve purchased (and cut/assembled) several of his patterns - all have been great (love the living hinge)


…and now I do!