Laser cut Kiwi



Had dinner with some friends, and saw this. When my GF arrives, I could borrow it, if that is not considered unethical.


Neat design. Nice wood.


I wonder if it’s rimu. One of the YouTube channels I subscribe to, “CNCnutz”, makes a bunch of stuff from rimu. I’m guessing he lives in New Zealand.


Opens a whole new set of ideas. I was walking around a bookstore yesterday and found the puzzle sections. There were several bamboo puzzles that were screaming at me, “Make me with the Glowforge”. They were the typical puzzle pieces, but could be done with the Glow uniquely. I added them to my list of “have to”. Would make great birthday presents.


It came from NZ


This is all that comes to mind when i think of kiwi birds.


I was expecting laser cut kiwi fruit. Lol.

This is really cool. Does it stand up?


Very nice! but am I the only one who thought this when first reading the header?


I know you weren’t the only one to have that thought.


For me it is always the shoe polish kiwi bird.


Yes, Erin, it stands up nicely.