Laser-cut laptop stand designed in Fusion 360



The dataminers at Google/YouTube recommended this video to me and I figured I’d pass it along.

It’s a good tutorial that covers sketch constraints and dimensions, plane creation, mirroring, bolean subtraction, fillets, going back in the timeline, named/defined variables, and (perhaps most appealing) parametric material thickness. (there’s prolly some other stuff in there too)



How about kerf? I kid, I kid.

That hits a lot. Nice!


Wait till you see the laptop stand @shell made for herself! It’s lovely.


Here’s another one that is very similar as well. Liked them both. Both bookmarked for some time now. :slight_smile:


I am still waiting to make one for myself. :grin:


If you’ve never used Fusion360, you need to watch these for sure. I used them both to build a shelf for the kids room. First project and it came out great!
The tools and the videos are free! Try it!


@Hirudin and @jdodds thanks so much for these resources! Definitely bookmarked!


Just watched this again - it’s amazing how much more of it I understood the second time around.
(not so much the first time.)


Doing F360 vid makes me so glad to have two monitors. I will put the vid on the right and F360 in front of me and work along pausing the “tape” until I get it.


Just happened to watch this video yesterday. Good starting point for learning the program.