Laser cut mandala

Thought I’d share this laser cut mandala I made a while ago based on the orbits of Venus and the Earth. Still need to sand, stain and glue it all together.

I love being able to bring beautiful patterns like this to life with laser cutters! Can’t wait to do larger scale pieces like this with my Glowforge!


Did you actually draw the image based on the orbits, or did you use some software to draw them for you, or something else? It looks great.


This is very cool! I would like to know the work flow to create this type of geometry. @Keen4n

It would be cool if this was a software…

I first saw this pentagonal orbit pattern in a video describing the orbits of Venus and Earth in the relation to our Sun. I paused the video and took a screen shot, traced the orbit and offset the paths to create the piece. I then just started playing with 5 pointed star patterns which gave me the shapes in the far back. All of it is done in Illustrator and most of it is just from me playing around with numbers and shapes.


Very cool! If you’re inclined to share the illustrator file I’d love to see.


I’ll post a screen shot tomorrow if I can remember :smile:

Very attractive. How many layers do you have to cut for this effect?

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Welcome to the forum @quixotequest. I love Spain too. Something about it really calls to me more than any other country I have visited. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, @marmak3261. I look forward to participating here—and even more for my GF to arrive :slight_smile: . I went to Spain for grad school '14–'15, and still miss it a lot—and the friends and family-away-from-family I made. My son attends a local Castillian immersion charter school that partners with a sister school in Madrid; his current experiences there and the plans we’re making to go back when he studies abroad in a year gives us something to look forward to! Meanwhile I grow some Spanish veggies like Padrón peppers in my garden to help keep me feeling connected. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club, a lot of stimulating inspiration here - enjoy!

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