Laser Cut Scroll Saw Project


Made this Early Bird plaque from P.G. Cherry Plywood & Maple. Got the design from Scroll Saw Workshop. This is a Steve Good design. Came out real good.


Very nice plaque. Steve Good has many designs that would work on the GF.


I have an RBI scroll saw I have barely gotten to use. I got it primarily for doing stained glass cutting. While prepping for our move, I came across my collection of scroll saw magazines. I was thinking WOW… PATTERNS for Beamer. :slight_smile:


Very pretty! (Love the contrast.) :grinning:


Really attractive!


Nice! I’d be tempted to fill in the eyes with tinted resin. What is your plan for the piece?


Yes there are so many possibilities. My plan is to keep this one the way it is. I placed it on a plate stand that I cut with my Glowforge. The plate stand is also a Steve Good design and it works really great.


Turned out great! Love these two woods together!