Laser cut set model

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a laser cut set model from a show I designed a few years back. Thinking that I might revisit the design for inspiration once the Glowforge arrives. Super excited to have a laser on hand!


Its pretty good. if your into that whole extremely well done, attention to detail and really spectacular kinda thing. looks awesome!

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That is gorgeous! Really nice stuff.

Great, what materials? Also did this get made into a real set ever?(should have)

Nice . What did you use to make it?

Thanks all!

@jacktyler_co_uk: we used Bristol and card stock for laser cut pieces. Which were then sprayed with a bit of primer and paint irrc. The rest of the model was a combination of styrene, foam ore, brass, and basswood. The set was indeed built full size. Fun fact, the shop used the same file to cut the full size trees on a show bot as we made to cut the 1:48 scale trees on the laser for the model…well…with a little modification of course.

@ophelia_jm: I believe it was an epilog, but it was a couple years ago and my assistant on the show did the actual cutting.


love it, wish I had the resources to make these sort of things!

That is gorgeous! I love to see the small scale and large scale together!

A few more lasered bits from another show.


Bloody hell that’s awesome

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Friggin’ love this stuff, dude. I really dig the art deco style.

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