Laser cut storage solutions



We have had a few good discussions of cutting foam for tool storage. I intend to do this eventually for my more delicate measuring tools, but I am never going to organize my wrench drawer that way. I know myself well enough to recognize that it is futile. I also have a dogs breakfast tool collection with lots of odd but beloved shapes and sizes that don’t lend themselves to detailed categorization.

On the other hand, I love this idea!

What other cool ideas have you seen for laser cut storage and organization?


me likey, me wanty


Maybe not for wrenches…but man, could I ever use a set of those for underwear storage! (Always mixing up the Soviet bloomers with the British thongs!) :rolling_eyes:


Took me a while to get the visual joke. I assume SAE and Metric or Are there Soviet sizes? Never mind, I see the 11mm.


Once I got the joke (very good btw). It made more sense in my mind to have an American flag and English flag (or soviet)


Did as I was taught in the Navy, the wrench drawer has screws through the drawer bottom at the strategic length of each wrench. lined up largest to smallest. screws are tall enough to hold three sets.
Inventory with a glance. Socket drawer too.

It’s the rest of the drawers that need help.


Strangely enough, I have that exact problem. It’s terrible.


Ive never seen that before, thats a cool idea! Id love to see a picture of how you have this set up?


I’ll get a pic (after lunch) as long as that brain cell stays viable…:thinking:


Chuckle! Just shows you’re normal…I’ve got a thoroughly warped sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like that idea, but it assumes a common source for wrenches.
I on the other hand have this:

Lots of crap, lots of duplicates, and they are all different brands (many of which no longer exist).
I need to do something, the amount of time I waste looking for 1/2 and only finding 3 different 9/16 is a pain.


Way too much information. :scream:


Total joke though…i don’t own a single pair of bloomers. :smile:


Matthias Wandel:

“maybe I should organize that drawer but the space efficiency of pure chaos is hard to beat”


Ok my OCD is kicking in, that drawer makes my eyes hurt. Beta Day 6 definitely - “Wrench drawer dividers” with laser etched sizes on each tab. As far as other examples of laser cut storage there are a number of board game organizers that are laser cut. The Broken Token is probably the largest company.


Well, you do know it’s in that drawer…!
Gathered all tools over a working life, started out in a gym bag. It takes a standard bedroom now.


@takitus - here is a shot.
Not only inventory, but I immediately notice the 5/8 is upside down!

@jkopel, same sets (mostly)

Funny, but when the cars are running good they stay that way. The missing ones? yeah, well they are - Ahem… elsewhere… :rolling_eyes:


You know… After seeing this picture i was compelled to make it into a wallpaper because to me the natural chaos was exceptionally beautiful.



Love it.
What would you pay if I could supply you with that much chaos every day for several months? :sunglasses:



I have a 3 year old, which means I already have an unlimited supply. But thanks for the offer!