Laser cut wedding invitations

I’m making 100 of these bad boys… LOL


Gorgeous! If it’s your wedding, congrats in advance.

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Awesome… Haven’t designed mine yet… Not sure whether to use the GF to cut them or the Silhouette. I haven’t cut paper in the GF yet… Does the fan blow the cut paper around? Great design!

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Looks great!

Lovely! I love gate-fold invites! :grinning:

Wow. That’s a commitment. Intricate work. Very nice.

No it’s my youngest daughters lol. I’ll pass on your well wishes though :blush:

I have a silhouette too. I used the laser. Much faster and a cleaner cut.

Oh and I purchased the 12x12 seklema mat to hold them in place.

What is that mat? Your invitation is beautiful.

Could you possibly share your settings and what kind of paper you used? I haven’t tested paper yet and am curious.

250 speed, 30 percent. This was card stock from Hobby Lobby so not sure of the weight. I’d say it is probably a medium to heavy weight. The mat is a Seklema hold down mat


It’s a seklema hold down mat.

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thanks for sharing the settings! Did you put one sheet at the time? what did you put in the material thickness part?

Thickness: 0.010” and yes only one at a time but still faster than a silhouette