Laser Cut Wood Magic Card Deck Tray


I would upload the design but I’m new to the forum and not allowed yet. Reply to this post and I will upload it in the future. It holds Magic card deck and many other useful purposes.


when you do, throw it in a zip first. Discourse has a habit of chewing up svg files.


Thank You! Reminds me of the “Gov’t Cheese Box’s” of the 40’s


I’m super interested in this.


What would need


I would use it,
I have a whole shelf of old Starwars CCG cards I should tidy up


I would post the design but I’m a new user and they won’t let me do it yet. :frowning:


Take a look at my other 100 card box. Holds 100 sleeved or un-sleeved cards


How does the catch work?


Take a look at the cut-away view of the latch. There is a bump on the latch that locks into a hole in the front of the box. The latch has a rectangular area that is glued into the top cover.



SO just relies on the flex in the wood of the catch?

That’s pretty neat.