Laser-cut wood product displays / risers

My wife is on the “craft show circuit”, meaning she likes to spend her weekends selling her crafts at various events, craft shows and popup markets around our area. Her tent, tables, display racks, packaging, signage and inventory all have to fit in her subcompact hatchback to get set up and torn down for each event.

She’s put me and my Glowforge Pro in charge of making her signage and table displays. Armed with my free copy of Inkscape and a stack of Proofgrade plywood, these table displays were the latest project.

The goals were to be flexible for multiple types of small products, to raise them up and face them closer to customers, and to pack flat so a whole table worth of displays fits in a small box.

This was the first go at it:

There are 7 parts: the 10x15" back panel, six shelf brackets that slot in and lock in place, three shelf bottoms that slide into notches on the brackets, three acrylic fronts for the shelves to keep product from falling off, two angled back legs that slot into the main panel, and two support braces that both make it stable and serve as a platform to hold a 2 pound handweight for stability and wind resistance. They can be assembled in a few minutes, and pack flat to under half an inch thick.

After using those for a few weeks, I decided to make a few revisions:

I rounded off all the hard edges, tightened up the tolerances on everything that fits together, moved the support legs to be outside instead of inside the shelf brackets so they don’t get in the way of products near the edges of the shelves, and sublimated some new front guards for the top shelves.

With just the back legs and supports removed, they easily fit in a the top of this tool box for transport between shows.

And there they are out at an event in Apex, NC yesterday:


Nicely built! I love that the pricing signs also act as a front lip so things can’t slide off :slight_smile: I hope your wife is ridiculously successful!


Team effort! Your stands made it much easier to display product. Looks great!!! I’m sure she’s over the moon with all your work on these.


Oooo, great job! She’s probably got the most professional looking displays at the shows. Nice products, too!


What a great job! Love the item/pricing on the stands. That also makes it easy to remember where she puts what instead of going, "How did I have that arranged? :thinking: Hope she does well at her shows!


Nicely done, a solid job


are you selling this file? I would love it!


Those are really nice, could you share the files :blush:

Welcome to the community. It is against forum rules to ask for files. If someone wishes to share their work they will either post it in the free laser designs category or perhaps have their online store listed in their forum profile.