Laser cutting and Pregnancy?


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One of my really good friends here is a full time laser engraver and both her kiddos came about just fine. She didn’t even slow down. :heart:️ I understand the concern completely (I was trying for a bit, but had other medical stuff preventing it that had NOTHING to do with lasering), but they always say just do what you were doing before, right? :wink:


Within reason. :wink:


Although just to note that the laser generates plenty of CO2 and CO while cutting (well anything most likely) since in any oxidation reaction of a normal organic compound you mostly will get those 2. Neither of which (regardless of the fact that our bodies generate both of these) are particularly good to breathe in quantity. But I think the general rule smoke is bad is a good rule (pregnant or not) so make sure your laser is venting properly, in which case the gases are going outside!


Um, sure, as a waste product of aerobic burning of glucose. I mean for instance we don’t eat poop (that’s in the same vein as a waste product); and you don’t want to consume urea in any large quantity. Yes, I am aware that rabbits have to eat their poop (I did take comparative biology before med school) but they are adapted to it, but if humans do it they get seriously sick. Our body takes a lot of effort to get rid of CO2 as it greatly affects our acid-base status (CO2 converts to carbonic acid in the blood, which is why retaining CO2 gives you a respiratory acidosis, which is what actually causes us to breathe). All of that being said the gases in the sealed tube are irrelevant similar to the mercury in fluorescent lights. But the products of combustion from laser cutting/engraving aren’t good for anyone, which is why the folks at Glowforge spent so much time getting the venting right, so we all aren’t breathing toxic combustion products. I mean honestly we probably get way higher exposure on our morning commute to work in traffic than from the Glowforge assuming your venting works.