Laser cutting Colorful Lacquer paint

I am making artwork on 1/8’’ plexi-glass using different colors of Lacquer Paint, I then laser cut shapes out of the finished art piece… My main concern is for my health and if it’s safe to in-hail the fumes. The lacquer burns black and melts like a plastic action figure. The smell lingers in the air for days. I use gloves to avoid getting the melted paint on my fingers, but i cannot avoid the smell. Has anybody ever laser-cut colorful Lacquer Paint before? I’m weary to continue this project because after handling the cutouts my cheeks get rosy, my eyes are irritated and my face feels flushed. ~~ has anybody had any experience burning heavily dyed lacquer paints?

Your best bet would be to obtain the SDS from the manufacturer for the specific product(s) you are using. Not all lacquer is equal.


That is good advice, would the SDS tell me the dangers in burning the paint? …in retrospect, is it relatively safe to laser cut finished lacquer? maby i should go buy a gasmask.

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The SDS won’t tell you if it’s laser safe, it will tell what is is composed of. Then you will need to look up if any of those ingredients are not safe for laser cutting.

Acrylic (Plexiglass) is stinky anyway.


Thank you very nuch for your advice! <3


In addition to what @eflyguy said you might find #4 useful:


Of course breathing any fumes should be avoided so if your ventilation set up is working properly that should take care of the issue.

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The ventilation seems to be as good as it can get it. The problem is with handling the parts, they leave a black residue when touched and have a strong smell for over 24 hours. I dont think its just the plexiglass.

The best way to wake my teen son is to cut some acrylic. his open window is close enough to my vent that he gets a chance to “enjoy” the stink.

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