Laser cutting eucalyptus

Has anyone ever laser cut eucalyptus? Any toxic fumes that we know of?

I know of this link: but I honestly can’t follow it as it seems like every wood out there has all kinds of toxicity. For example, Douglas Fir is listed as “irritant, giddiness, runny nose, splinters go septic, nausea” which would seem to imply that you can’t be around a 2x4 which seems a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, any thoughts on eucalyptus that anyone might have tried?


Smoke is generally considered bad. Doesn’t matter much what you burn. But you’re not inhaling what the GF generates so it’s mostly a don’t care in this case. You’re going to laze stuff a lot worse than wood I bet, like Acrylic, or foam (I know I have).

But, different woods produce different amounts of combustion byproducts. Eucalyptus is a lot like Pine in this regard. It generates a thick oily smoke (at least, when you burn it in a fireplace, I’ve never used it in my GF). It’s bad for your chimney, same as Pine, but that’s about it.

If it’s seasoned, other than just having to clean your optics and exhaust fan more often it’s likely no worse than anything else. Green, I wouldn’t use it. It’d probably make a mess of your GF in fairly short order.


Yeah, this eucalyptus is kiln dried from a hardwood place so it’s almost certainly not green and yes I’m using all the appropriate ventilation out the window. Thanks for the info

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The first thing I would worry about would be how flammable it is. I modified an @evansd2 idea that is a good first try to see how any material will be with a laser and watch it like a hawk that it does not burn up.

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Very good point. Last time I did a wood I had never used. Wrote I cut out a 1” by 1” box but this is probably better.

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I have a 3"x 6" clear plastic box that Strawberries came in that I keep all my tests so I can refer to anytime I need.

My concern with eucalyptus would be the kino (tree gum/resin) vaporizing and gumming up your lens/mechanics, but I don’t know that would definitely be a problem.

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I really love the look of camphor wood also but not something I am in a rush to cut in the Glowforge.