Laser cutting materiale template


I’m not sure if this has been found by others…but I found this posted on Thingiverse. These might come in handy…or possibly someone can make a similar set based on GF settings.

Laser cutting materiale template
by Noloxs, published Mar 18, 2015

A simple way of showcasing different possibilities with a laser cutter:
20 engraving shades
3 straight line flex cuts
2 parabolic shape flex cuts
10 square and circular cut sizes
6 font size tests

Also found a couple for Plywood and Cardboard:

Laser cutting material template remixed for K40 Laser
by SkaBoyTD, published Jan 31, 2017

Go to and look for the titles I provided.


Very nice!

I’ve moved this posting out of Free Laser Designs, as that category is intended for original designs by Glowforge owners who want to share their designs with the community.

Thanks for sharing!


I tried to be a little organized like this, but it’s not in my nature. He’s pretty organized. @joe pointed this out as well as a few other folks here and there some of the other noloxs stuff.