Laser Dept. Button Escutcheon

This is my first time posting since I got my machine back in November 2019 but this community has been very helpful while I have been learning the machine and so I figured as my first post I would post a design for a button Escutcheon since it seems to be something that most people do at some point. Its super simple but I like it and maybe someone else will also.

laser dept final


Welcome. Thanks for the file. I am looking forward to seeing your projects.


love it.

Nice work, you should post more of your stuff!

Name of company is Leapin’ Laser Designs’



but no fires ok? Pinky swear??

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I sure hope not. :crossed_fingers: I was working on a fire dept logo and sat it down next to my button and had the idea.

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Thanks for sharing

Welcome to the Community! That’s a great start!

Nice!!! I’ve never made one for ours, but I do enjoy seeing what others have done.