Laser engrave everything

Semi-precious Stones would need to be treated with the same care as you would plastics checking for ingredients. Sulfates or Chlorides would be a big No-No along with Mercury, Lead, Copper etc, Even beach rocks need to be soaked in fresh water lest salt chlorides become an issue. Some jet is just anthracite but some is just old 78 records and that could be a problem either way

Agates, in general, are good though shattering is always possible, Turquoise, Lapis, Azurite, and Malachite I would put on the “Do-not-use” list. Sandstones and slate are normally good as are igneous rocks especially Obsidian as they have all been heat tested :wink:


Thanks @ rbtdanforth! I put agates on my list. I’ll order some tonight. I’d be interested in trying Obsidian as well. Also, thanks for the warning - you know, I was almost considering including a short segment on the “The Beilstein Test” to show how you can test for Chlorides… I haven’t decided if I want to include it yet as a non-green flame doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe to use.

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I did have cork on my list, however, this cork fabric looks interesting. Thanks for sharing! I’ll look more into it.

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How cool is that?! A few of the students who hang around the makerspace at my college are really into cosplay. I’ve never worked with EVA foam in a laser cutter before. I’ll order some tonight. Thanks so much!

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Thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to make this video for a while now and finally have enough hours into the machine that I feel I can make a well-informed video. I really do love my Glowforge. I use it nearly everyday for creative and commercial work. Also, if you do any freelance work, you can easily make the money back that you spent on the Glowforge in a very short amount of time. It’s like having you’re own personal ATM machine at your house. Between my Glowforge and my Shopbot Desktop Max, I’m able to make almost anything. Congrats on the new Glowforge - you’re about to make a lot of new friends. ha!


There have been multiple discussions of cork fabric. Here is one: Cork Fabric Wallet

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Thanks! I just read up on using plaster of paris with isopropyl alcohol for etching metal - it looks promising. I’m definitely going to give that a try. I’ve had a lot of luck with Cermark but it’s super expensive for an aerosol can.


Absolutely! I’ll definitely do that. It’s an important distinction.

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Cork fabric engraves really nicely–at least for doing text/logo so far. I’ve also done cork bonded to real leather (as opposed to a fabric backer)–I’ve used same settings as for thick leather.

With extraordinary difficulty. I just did a Cermark treated stainless steel plaque for my son. The first side had an engraving anomaly I didn’t like (it was a passthrough project) so I figured I’d just sand it off…um make that grind it off (40 grit flap disk)…or maybe a grinding disc in the angle grinder…or maybe I’ll just paint it black and face that against the wood plaque I’m going to mount it on. I couldn’t get it off cleanly without leaving residue that then burned back into the steel.


I’ve been meaning to try engraving on Velveteen and Ultra Suede it haven’t gotten to them, so if you include those on your list that would be great. I just got some cork fabric from FunHouse which I’m excited to try.

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This is really cool. I am hardly ever on the forum but spend lots of time on GUG in FB. I’m doing somewhat of the same thing. I have materials stashed all over that I’ve collected and will be trying over the next few weeks as part of the Makers Challenge I gave myself. I’m recording videos and posting them up on my youtube channel and in GUG and GUGS.

That’s what led me to the forum. I have yet to be successful in finding settings for 1/8" red cedar and that’s what today’s item is. I’m definitely excited to see what you come up with!

Thanks! I just bought some velveteen ad ultra suede today to try out. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve never been on GUG or GUGS on FB. I found it and joined this morning - thank you! I also have some red cedar - I’ll put it on the list to see if I have any luck with it. Looking forward to seeing your Glowforge videos - what’s your channel name?

Thanks! I just ordered a bunch of Cork Fabric today. I’m excited to give it a try.

I bought a pack of those cedar planks they sell for cooking and it is light in weight and not all that strong but dark wood and looks pretty good. And of course I do not see that you have Tile on the list, both the cheap 4x4 tiles and the big 18x18 inch tiles that can become table tops.

For all those different materials you will need a way to figure out the settings and this might help…

Feel free to use (I made it for you… :slight_smile: )




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That’s certainly t-shirt worthy! I’d be proud to wear that :rofl:

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Pauseibilities on Youtube.
:blush: I’m still new to the video thing. My husband just set me up with a new recording system just now so I’m getting ready to record the next video. The red cedar nametag I did last night came out well. It was really early in the morning and I couldn’t
stay up any longer but I need to go add the material to the online Excel sheet so others can have better luck in their searches.

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