Cork Fabric Wallet

First project I’ve had a chance to finish. It’s a wallet made of cork fabric. Sewing it was a pain.


Looks good though :slight_smile:

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Very cool

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Very nice!

For saddle stitching, I’ve found this video to be of great help.


I’m really liking the cork fabric projects!

Yaaaay! That’s my boyfriend, y’all.

Proud of you babe :kissing_heart:


Source for the cork fabric?

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I got mine from Sew Sweetness.

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Seems like that site is where multiple people have gone to get it. Interesting. Amazon has some but I don’t know how to assess quality. Probably best to go with this site since others are happy with it.

@evansd2 Beware the line of “cork fabric” on Amazon and other sites made by Windham called “Uncorked”. For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to make 100% cotton fabric that LOOKS exactly like cork fabric in photos. I came very close to wasting my money on it but then I noticed the fabric type was cotton. I thought this was an error so I looked it up and it is in fact cotton that has a pretty convincing cork fabric design printed on it. Just make sure to read product descriptions closely. If you find yourself a source that has reasonable prices and quality that you like, bookmark it! @thomascops let me use a little of this pretty dark grey that he had ordered and I loved it. I then ordered some from Sew Sweetness that I really liked and ordered more colors of.


Darnit, these forums keep making me buy stuff. sigh


Like the red thread as contrast. Hand sewing is certainly a learned skill. It will get easier.


As an update to my response to @evansd2, today I also received some cork fabric from Fabric Funhouse. An order I was waiting for from Sew Sweetness was delayed (USPS issue, not Sew Sweetness’s fault) and I really needed some ASAP for a custom order. I discovered Fabric Funhouse, sent her an email, and even though her business is online only and operated from her home, she allowed me to come pick it up (was about an hour and a half each way but worth it not to cancel/refund a $100 job). She offers some slightly different sizes than the other two sites I mentioned, seems to be the same exact fabric. Very happy with it. Just so that those of you shopping around for cork fabric know your options!!

I don’t know what the shipping costs are here, but they’ve got the best price for larger sheets:
I’m pretty sure several of the Etsy sellers use them. I’ve been on a hunt for wholesale options and this is the best I’ve found so far…


@ChristyM I’ve looked at MBCork and they do have decent prices. The only reason I haven’t ordered from them is that they ship from Portugal and take 10-20 days to ship to the US. So I’ve stuck with sources in the US just because I’m impatient :laughing:


i’ll have to see who my cork fabric came from. i haven’t used it yet, but i have two large sheets that were bought off amazon as gifts. feels pretty good quality to me.

I just had two packages of cork arrive and neither are from MBCork for the same reason. :slight_smile: (Also, thanks for the recommendation of Sew Sweetness… one of my packages is from there).

But when I start making something new that might potentially be for sale I always try to see if there’s a good wholesale source so I can increase my profit margins. The cork is especially appealing because there seems to be a decent market for it if I end up with surplus.

Ah, looks great! I love the color combination and engrave.