Laser Engrave Polymer

Hello everyone, a friend sent me a link on FB to a page that engraves on polymer gun bodies, and metal magazines. I understand the GF will not be able to engrave metal unless you try it with Thermark or something like that. I also understand that this is a different type of laser then what the GF is.

I had never thought about doing this, and I would like to try it at least once, since it looks amazing if you ask me.

For those that already have there GF do you think that it would be able to handle this degree of 3D engraving?

Im also not 100% on what type of paint they used. Im not surprised that I did not get an answer back from them when I asked.

Here is a link to the laser video I’m speaking of.

And here are some pictures of this one all done.

Let me know what you all think about doing this.

Im also not trying to start a heated talk about guns. I just like this idea and thought I would share it.


Some plastics engrave well and others melt into a mess. If it engraves well, it is a question of what kind of inlay (paint, an epoxy resin mixed with a coloring, crushed mother of pearl mixed with an epoxy) to do. I don’t recall any threads about this particular material, but even if there were you would probably still have to experiment. You may need to obtain just a grip and sacrifice it to the laser gods experimenting. Don’t forget the total thickness (at the thickest point) has to be under two inches or it won’t fit in the glowforge’s bed.

If you search the forum for inlay you will find several posts about wood inlays, but you will also find ones for other materials. All sorts of powders have been mentioned around here for inlay work.


Thanks for the info. I planed on getting one to test out.

Do you have the MSDS for that polymer?

Looks great what’s your settings

Not my work. Was sent to me from a friend on FB. Links above should takenyou to there site.

Just trying to bring this back up to the front lines t see if anyone has tried this yet or knows if it will work.