Laser Engraved Jewelry Boxes

I made these jewelry boxes for two of my granddaughters. The boxes were a purchase. I just engraved the lids, added velvet and mirrors on the inside and embellished the bottom half of the boxes.


They look wonderful. It’s great to be able to personalize things like this, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


It is. And while these didn’t cost a lot to make or take a lot of time to assemble, the girls loved them and will probably cherish them for years to come :slight_smile:


Oh, I’ll bet they love them! :grinning:

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Such a wonderful gift. In this day and age where so much is massed produced, something personalized by grandmother will mean so much. <3


I think you understate the work you did. You didn’t ‘just do this’. You’ve created something new from a box as raw material . :+1:

Did you open the box up flat to engrave, take the lid off, or did it fit in closed, without the crumb tray ?



I am sure your granddaughters will love them. With the ribbon edge you could have glued an engraved piece on top of the box.

Lovely font and design! Nice work decorating it overall, too!

I took the lid off. :blush:

I am going to try to engrave on a box for a shower for advice cards. How did you test your lid for settings before you did it?

I didn’t test. Lol. I set it to full at 1000 speed which worked for me but it depends on the wood. Some burn easier than others. The boxes I did were pine.

Perfect. So are mine! I am just going to give it a go! Eeekkkk. Thanks for the tip.

How’d they turn out?

They turned out super cute. Got a lot of compliments on it at the shower. Thanks for asking and for the help :slight_smile: I also cut the stars on the glowforge too.


Looks fabulous!