Laser engraved match strike

I’m making a custom matchbox for my wife’s shabbat candles and have ordered some match strike paper to attach to it.
However, I thought it worth asking whether anyone has had any success in laser engraving a texture onto wood that could be used to strike a match? Is that even possible?
Alternatively, is there a harder-wearing type of match strike I could use to prevent having to replace the paper every once in a while?

If they are safety matches, it’s not a texture thing, it’s a chemical thing.

I would probably just engrave a channel and stick the paper in it with rubber cement. You can always replace the paper, rubber cement can be torn out and redone pretty easily.


Thanks! That’s what I’ll do then!
Actually, my idea is to have a leather cover, with a pocket into which the strike paper can be placed, facing outward, enabling easy swapping. Will have to prototype it, though, to see whether the strike paper moves around too much.


if you were to switch to strike-anywhere matches, you could use sandpaper. Maybe #80 or #100 grit.

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