Laser engraving an egg

Too bad Glowforge didn’t allow for rotary stuff. Maybe in Glowforge 2.0.


Lack of rotary support is my only disappointment with my GF.

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Did anyone else try that one successful rotary implementation?

I was going to, but I thing you need to have a Pro for the passthru to cut it. The plans are too big for my machine to cut.

Are you sure there isn’t a scaling hiccup? When he so generously posted the plans he said it takes one sheet of draftboard.

That is entirely possible. If anyone else has tried I would love to know. I had/have every intention of looking into it deeper, but life keeps getting in the way. We have had several litters of puppies since I downloaded it.

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I believe that it was @Jules that was using her Glowforge on an egg. If it is under 2" in diameter you could engrave it at one part at a time. :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :egg: :fried_egg:

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I am trying the rotary thing right now and struggling with the sizing too. I cannot get it to fit on one sheet and still be long enough to fit. Has anyone else tried or figured it out?

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@garyritchie47 did you notice that the designer of the rotary jig updated his post with new plans?

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