Laser Engraving Laptops



Interesting run through on engraving a Dell laptop.

Hopefully it will be easier on a Glowforge…

Not sure if automatic recognition of electronic devices (e.g. iPhones, Macbooks, etc) is still part of deliverable functionality). Hopefully the Glowforge will have settings for engraving anodised aluminium. :grinning:


wow!!! that is awesome


looks great!


The number of clients who want something unique for their laptop will be keeping me very busy.

Thankfully the number of dead laptop they have had will make good practice to get it right.:wink:


This is what I’m waiting for my GlowForge for. I like it!


I’ll definitely be doing that. Nice thing is I have access to a ton of shells at work for me to test with before I do it to one of my real laptops.

Thanks for the share!


:slight_smile: cool share.
I love that the image he used is from Orphan Black!


I’m letting my husband hang on to the bricked ipad for this precise reason. Practice first, play second.


what happened to the ipad? it’s extraordinarily unusual for an ipad to actually be bricked…


Dropped without damaging the case or the glass. It started spontaneously restarting. Got more frequent. Exhibited new glitches and hang ups. Eventually wouldn’t turn on unless you held your mouth just right. Then stopped altogether.


ahaha oh nooooo. well, that explains it; kids are often the answer to “unbreakable” anything, really. :smiley: