Laser etched dice blanks

This will likely be an early thing I will try with my GF. Assuming the material is laser friendly, or that there are laser safe alternatives.


This could be fun…I wish they had something more than just 6 sided dice though.

Oh right on–these are so fun! Definitely trying. @mad_macs, they do have wooden dice on the site, plus all kinds of chips and tiles, so you definitely have some laser-safe possibilities.

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Do they offer weighted paint to rebalance the die?

This is honestly the first thing I have set to do/try out on my Forge. I’m currently searching for a 3d printer that would be cost effective on a startup. All the custom dice I want.

I’m not sure 3D printing will get you what you want for dice. Balance and resolution just won’t be there on any FDM 3D printer out there. maybe you could get some results with a Resin printer, but at about 3K per pop, I gave up on making my own dice a while ago.

I will keep looking for other sources for Dice blanks. Pre made wooden blanks and tokens are also of great interest to me as well. We play a lot of games here, and some of our cardboard coins are getting a little ratty.

I was just thinking about registration on a 20 sided die, the faces are so small it might be a good idea to put it in a fixture to help register it.

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There are printable dice which are balanced. Typically hollow things (This guy re-arranged the sides to aim for balance. And of course with the ability to add replacement faces, you can make sure the frame is inconsequential, and balance the inset blanks

Bone dice blanks would be fun to find…

But with dice blanks, making your own games will be far more enjoyable. You could even make custom Story Dice


I’ve seen fully poly sets of blank dice in 16mm and 25mm. We’ve sold them at my store several times. With a game design institute just down the street we try and sell as diverse a selection of game making components as we can.

This is also on my list of things to try, and sounds like a very fun idea. :smiley: As to balancing the dice you will just have to adjust the depth to which you etch the numbers/pips/images. Going deeper on the one side than you would on the six side. Will take some trial and error to get the right depths, but with the way the Glowforge works re etching a side should not be to difficult to do if adjustments are needed.

That sounds like a great place to “shop” for inspiration

I used some nice Beech blanks for my engraved dice. It was a bit tricky to line up the edges but the glowforge camera should deal with all of those issues