Laser etched painted pictures



:astonished::scream: so jealous!!


I got to do some of the on set computer screens, modeled some props, got to build the ventilation shaft River and Simon escape through at the beginning of the movie, the Have mine shaft Serenity flies down, and a few other odds and ends…


It was a fun year worth of work.


Would gladly trade my job body painting Kate Upton, Ronda Rousey and loads of other models with hanging with the crew from the movie or just being on set!!! Lol


This is excellent! Wow!


:heart_eyes: I’ll trade ya!!!

Captain Tight Pants is right there in the middle with the rest of his crew of misfits…




That’s so cool. I love that movie.

Um, why not do both? Presumably not mutually exclusive?


I see what you did there, setting up for a one liner response the same way smcgathyfay did.


Wow …Hi mom…really excellent…Love the Firefly bit too, still learnin from you mom.


Wow. So cool. I only caught Firefly and Serenity after they had come and gone. I was so saddened to find out that they were axed at such an early age with such great promise. The visuals were very good. The ship certainly was a great character and I never got distracted or put off by odd looking props or the set. The plots and the characters were super, but the whole look really immersed me in their world.


Joss Whedon can write some great characters and dialogues!


Whoa, interesting. Hadn’t seen something like this before I think I think it looks pretty cool! Yes, to comic book covers :smile:


Look at DASS and inkAID, they have several transfer products. I’ve used DASS SuperSauce and film to transfer images to wood. I then worked with encaustic wax over the images.


Nice work! I’d like to try encaustic sometime–looks like a lot of fun.


Very cool, thanks for sharing this!

Would love to try encaustic some day. There was a Seattle artist who taught workshops, but I waited too long and now she’s on to something else. One of these years…


That was my first go at it and it didn’t match my expectations. Funny thing about practice and skill. :yum:

These were for my final project in an alternative process class. We had to do at least two processes so I did both the DASS transfer and encaustic. Some of the original images were alternative too. One was multiple exposures (8) taken with a large format (4" x 5") camera on a single negative. One was a lumen print and another a photogram.

Google DASS transfer and there are a lot of videos that show how easy it is and how amazing the transfers can be. I haven’t tried it at home yet because they say it requires a pigment based ink and my printer uses dye based inks. I’ll give it a go anyway but I need to order some SuperSauce first.

In the meantime I have a gum bichromate kit on order and will be experimenting with that process soon.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with ways to combine the laser and my photography. I’m sure there’s something cool waiting to happen but I’m not sure what it is. I do want to revisit one project I did by facemounting images to acrylic and laser cutting the shapes.

Some day…


This is beautiful. I can’t wait to play with this stuff.