Laser etched painted pictures



Ive seen a few folks on the laser FB page do stuff like this…I thought I would give it a try…

Found an appropriate greyscale image and fashioned a frame for it… Printed it out for transfer like in the technique below using inkjet and slick side of sticker paper.

Then painted in a few spots with thinned down acrylic paint…

Sprayed around 10 thin coats of Minwax laquer.

Lined it up on the bed…using red dot pointer which consists of back and forth from laser to computer making small adjustments.
GlowForge will make this process way easier !!
Then etched my design

Used an alcohol and pigment slurry to “stain”

Then wiped off the excess with alcohol soaked pads. When I got to this part I did :squee: squee because I wasnt sure how it would come out…lol

Not perfect…a bit rustic…I probably could have done a few more layers of lacquer to prevent seeping but all in all, I’m quite pleased…

Next project…comic book covers would look great with this technique…


Holy Captain Tight Pants!!!


That is epic!!!


Omygosh! That is wonderful! Thanks for showing us the process.


that came out leagues better than i was expecting in the beginning, i’ll be honest, haha. i agree that comic book covers could potentially look really neat with this technique.


Hugely squeee! (That’s going into the tutorials.) :relaxed:


Thanks for sharing! I have been thinking about this kind of technique - printing/painting and laser engraving in the same project. This is excellent!


You and me both…I saw the engraved part and was thinking…that’s pretty lame looking…lol


It looks pretty good! I think it can be a great technique for artwork with screentone patterns.

(Wikipedia example)


My original had alot of greyscale I had to filter out into more black and white since different levels of engraving would still show the same color fill.
I used a dither instead of halftone but either one would work…


This was the original. Sadly not mine…my son can draw though. I may have him draw me some original stuff :laughing:


Btw, have you looked into using Image Transfer Solution & color laser printer? It’s a pain with large pics, but it works pretty well!..

Having a hard time finding the ITS on that site, though, odd…

So here’s a different store:


That’s sweet!!


Honestly…thats way too many steps for what I’m using it for. It took me about a minute to print and transfer onto the wood…lol. It all gets etched over anyway…


That turned out awesome!


Wow, i really love that look. It would be perfect for some comic covers. Thanks for sharing the process. Adding this to my must try list. :slight_smile:


So many ideas… Thank you @smcgathyfay!


Really nice work!

(I’m the guy in the olive green T-shirt in the back, standing in Serenity’s cargo hold (movie version)).


Did you do graphics for the movie?


Ok now that is cool.