Laser etched stained glass panels

I havent been able to find any pictures yet but my uncle does staind glass art and it would be interesting to see what he could do with some of it. Say either small murals or patterned glass for detail. If you run across any pictures be sure to post them thx.

YES! I’ve been thinking about this same exact thing! Random ideas follow:

  • some interesting reading here: Not a lot of this pertains to the Glowforge (lots and lots about placement issues solved by our handy camera), but I learned things about how lasers interact with glass and different qualities of glass.
  • @dan mentioned that engraving glass with Glowforge might work instead of a scoring tool. This is very exciting to me because getting pieces cut the way you need them to fit back together is quite hard.
  • See Glass engraving.... cutting?
  • Engraving a piece of acrylic (for stiffness) and then laying a very thin sheet of wood sandwiched above and below to hold it on. Seems like lots of options for glue to solidify the whole thing. I really would like to see a wood jointed stained glass piece, I think it would have a really nice natural feel going on.
  • Straight up making the stained ‘glass’ from acrylic (though, I love the qualities of glass, especially the impurities and interesting color options of crafting glass)