Laser Etching Different Materials article on HackSpace

I saw this Laser Etching Different Materials article today on HackSpace and thought others might find it useful. It contains links to how-tos for laser etching different materials.


Nice find and nice share, thank you


So many rabbit holes – so little time.

I got a huge inspiration from that lego jig setup.
I have a rather large tub of lego bricks the owners left behind as they moved on over the years (may be more than one tub, will have to ask the wife).

Next time a jig is needed or the crumb tray is removed, I have a new method to experiment with.


We have tubs as well as a wall of completed Lego constructions.

I made a comment (in a group text chat with my kids) about how we had started getting rid of all those as we prepare to move into retirement. Firestorm!

My youngest son pointed out that his goal in life is to move somewhere that will give him the space to put all of the Legos without causing his girlfriend/wife to leave him :grin:

I was only kidding about the Lego disposal but it did provide some good intel.


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