Laser etching/engraving on MTG cards!

So one of my friends who I play D&D and magic with hit me up yesterday with a challenge:


After further review, the user had been using a diod laser and running it super low powered to essentially scratch off the outer layer of the card without touching the rest.

Not satisfied with being told “oh you probably can’t do this because your laser is too powerful” I set out to the task of looking through many boxes and pulling out shiny land cards.

After playing around with settings and finding out what doesn’t work, I switched to a generic laser setting and cranked it down to find out just how much this would need to be powered down, and here Is what I found:

  1. This was set to 800/4/ 450 however I made the mistake of doing 2 passes instead of just one, you can’t see any shiny though the engraving.

  2. Set to 1000/6/340 basically looks like 1 with the exception of having a slightly better coloring to the engrave.

  3. Personally my favorite, this one actually was the last one I ran at 1000/4/1355 you can still see the shiny and color though the image and it held all the balance really well.

  4. this one also wasn’t bad, 1000/3/450 this one ends up being more suddle and having to be looking for the image when in person. Might have some cool uses but probably not if you want to see the image burned as well.

I’m far from done experimenting but it’s fun to think of the limitless possibilities of this new adventure


My sister designs her own cards.


Nice! I have a few friends from the TikTok community I’m a part of that do card alterations


This is cool


Never say “you probably can’t do this” to a maker :joy:


Unless your goal is to see them try!


These are great!

This made me chuckle!

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I’ve done 4 more since then I think I started something new

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Excellent! Another rabbit hole!

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