Laser Fractal Puzzles the return

The glowforge forums and my laser fractal puzzles have quite the history so this seems like the perfect place to tell you all that there are some new puzzles coming.

I’m going to run another Kickstarter campaign so if you’d like to get information as soon as it becomes available you should be able to follow me from my profile page

You were all very supportive last time which was amazing. If anyone can share the information onwards or suggest places I should be sharing that would also be great.

It’s going to be another set of four puzzles, this time with an additional colour. Obviously I’m doing it the right way round this time, kickstarter first, but if that goes well I’ll be releasing the files on my blog and in the forum here for you all to have a go.


I am looking forward to seeing your new puzzles and wish you great, continued success.


Fun! I gave one of your puzzles as a gift and it was a big hit. I’ll happily share your kickstarter to my social channels as a thank you for your ongoing generosity!


Good luck - glad you’re doing it “right” this time - I hope you make good $$$!!!


FYI it says your profile is private. I’m assuming you’ll change that when you go live, but thought I’d mention it just in case. :wink:


It took a while to figure that one out too, you have to be logged in to Kickstarter so that your account can follow my account. It doesn’t actually matter that my profile is private (It mostly just shows which dubious campaigns I fell for)


Can’t wait! I’ll share with everyone. Your last puzzles confounded my co-workers and were welcomed. Thanks and good luck!

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Good to see you around here Martin, I look forward to your new puzzles!


I still check in fairly regularly just browsing mostly though :slight_smile:


Those are gorgeous!!

Reminds me of something I recently had a play with; “Journey Of A Single Line” from Wacław Szpakowski.

Here is some background:

This is soon to become a lamp.


I just went live on Kickstarter with my new fractal puzzles. It’s a small goal so the chances of funding are pretty good (1000% funded the first time round so hopefully this time it will be similar)
Files in due course obviously but please feel free to share the KS link in the meantime it’s much appreciated.



So I head over to Kickstarter and it is already funded. As it should be. Well done.


Yeah, the kids really liked their Christmas puzzles, so this one should go over great too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice! Makes me think about doing my own puzzle series…:thinking:

yep, deliberately low funding goal, I’m mostly using KS for the publicity. I only sold a dozen of the original puzzles in the 4 years before kickstarting 600 of them. Reach is everything. :slight_smile:


Mine are still muttering under their breath at me :laughing:


Your exposure @m_raynsford, just got bigger, Wooden fractal curve puzzles



Yep that was awesome, 16 new backers and 20 etsy sales from that one post. Been a busy day today, nice to be busy.


Looks like another good set of puzzles.
Out of curiosity, what program do you use to generate your fractal drawings? I’ve dabbled with doing fractals in Inkscape, using the built in L-system renderer for mine.
Just sometimes I have issues with it getting things to line up. And I have not figured out a way to make rounded corners, so I get a bit of extra burn every time the laser has to momentarily halt and change directions.

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I use inkscape too but I don’t even use the L-system. It’s all manual sadly and rounding off the corners took a long time comparatively. Given that it’s taken £11K on KS though it was well worth spending the time on it :stuck_out_tongue: