Laser hits frame

I’m trying to print on a .5 inch thick wooden picture frame. I line it up on the bed, secure the edges then send it to print, when the laser starts to line up it hits the frame and moves it out of position. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Yes, for anything that is 0.5" or thicker, you will need to remove the tray and then prop the object up into a certain zone that the laser beam can focus on.

There are tutorials here that explain what’s going on, but long story short - take the tray out, then put something that is exactly 1" thick underneath the object to prop it up. That will bring it into correct range.

Use the Set Focus tool to set the height after you prop it up into range.


Thank you!!

Make some of these to prop up your work piece.


Thanks for the help @Jules!

@ltelchik could you let me know if those tips helped you get up and printing? If you’re still running into any trouble, we’ll be glad to help.

Yes I was able to get it printed with Jules suggestion!

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I’m so glad you were able to get back to printing! I am going to close this thread now. If you run into trouble again please start a new thread or email us at

Happy Printing!