Laser Ink bracelets

Trying Brilliance Laser Ink, seem very good on Aluminum and Stainless Steel so far, Cheaper than Cermark. 500 speed 100power


Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know of other options for marking metals!

Have you tried giving it a good rubbing to test the durability? I haven’t dabbled into marking metal, yet, but this seems promising so far!

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I use LaserBond, not Brilliance, but when I saw your question of durability I thought of my son-in-law’s test. I gave him a sample marking on stainless steel. He took it home and scraped on it…then he took a grinder to it. It held up remarkably. He’s using stainless tags on his farm equipment and wanted to make sure they could hold up. It was a good test.


My brilliance stuff has held up well.


Is that the best place to buy it?

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That turns out really nice! I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual for you, so you don’t end up having to remove the non-PG settings. :slight_smile:


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Turned out really nice.