Laser is not working

We just got our Glowforge on Monday and we started our machine up this morning and the laser was spotty. It goes all the way through but skips. It goes through the motion and everything is fine on the computer side of it. I emailed in, but I wanted to check if any tech savvy people could help in the mean time!
Thank you!

Can you provide a picture of the failed project or a little more detail. Can you print the Gift of Good Measure on draftboard with Proofgrade settings?


This one is my 2nd or 3rd time going over it, but you can see that it’s faint and goes in and out

Here you can see the stars how they turned out.

Attempting to print the gift of good measure like @dklgood suggested would be the best test to do right now to help diagnose the issue.

Here is the gift of good measure tool

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Yeah not normal at all, I see now that you emailed glowforge about this as well which will be needed to get you back up and running. Hope the process goes smoothly and they are able to get you back up and running soon.

Thank you so much!!

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