Laser Job Tracking with Google

Having run a handful of jobs on my shiny new laser :star_struck: I’ve come to the realization that details are good things to track. Big surprise there;p So instead of designing a lasered porthole to add to my fence so my cats can view the world from their bubble, I spent some time designing up a way to track jobs with the Google Form survey and sheet output.

There is a lot more content than this short pic indicates!

I expect this to grow and adapt with use, but for anyone else who suddenly found that they really do own a laser for realsies now, maybe you can also get some use out of this file.

Before posting, I thought I should do a search to see if there was already a thread using this technique, and there is! I think they are different enough that it warrants it’s own thread though;p



Thanks for sharing!!


Great idea! Thanks for sharing! I usually need all the help I can get keeping all the info I need to track straight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice work @jamely! Looks awesome and way more comprehensive than my version. A word of caution: now that I’ve been using mine for a couple months I find my self skipping a lot of information and filling it in on the spreadsheet. I can get quite tiring to fill in the same information over and over especially if you are testing cuts.

Lets keep on making it better!!!


I use a spreadsheet myself. It’s handy to be able to copy a row and paste it in. Then just change what parameters I’m messing with. I added a “Final” indicator so I can have a pivot view of just the last ones that worked (or worked best). I usually update the spreadsheet after I hit Print and wait for it to prepare the job.


Thanks for the tips @markwarfel ;p I had originally been playing with drafting up a program in C# with Visual Studio, but since I need something right now this makes a nice mock up to figure out how and what I want to keep track of. I like your spreadsheet formulas and will likely incorporate some of them into my own copy of this.